Here at The Silver Dollar Room we're looking for the best in local, regional, national and international talent from all genres. If your band is well rehearsed, professional, have a reasonable draw and are ready to promote a show like it's your last, then please read this page and let's get the ball rolling.

Booking a show with us is easy. Simply send us (Dan Burke and Steve Cousins) an email and include your name, band name, hometown, a brief genre description (example: rock/acoustic/folk) and past show history in Toronto and links to your website and social sites and desired date(s) in the Subject Line.

The best slots are booked 6-8 weeks in advance.

Weekend slots are generally not available to first-time bands regardless of how much you promise to "pack the club," ...exceptions are made when strong locals are willing to play to support the bill, which works well for everyone.

We certainly want to host your next album release show and will work with you to make the night a great time for everyone.

The room is easy to fill, and a full room looks great! Our capacity is 200.

We're always looking for local bluegrass artists who want to play the opening slot, supporting local bluegrass/resident icons CRAZY STRINGS on our High Lonesome Wednesdays. CRAZY STRINGS is currently celebrating its 15th Anniversary at The Silver Dollar Room, as of January 30th, 2013! For more information on CRAZY STRINGS and High Lonesome Wednesdays, click here.

All shows and events are 19+/Licensed Events, unless noted otherwise.

Hours of Operation:

MON - Check Events Listings
TUE - Check Events Listings
WED - 09:00PM to 02:00AM *Crazy Strings: High Lonesome/Bluegrass Jams*
THU - 09:00PM to 02:00AM
FRI - 09:00PM to 02:00AM
SAT - 09:00PM to 02:00AM

Unless noted otherwise, the Wednesday night cover charge for Crazy Strings: High Lonesome is $3.00 w/Student ID or $5.00 and you'll receive a free pass for your next visit. And generally $6.00 on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, unless advertised otherwise due to a special event booking or engagement.

Load in is at 7:00PM. There is no loading in while a band is performing.

Support bands generally play a 30-40 minute set and weekend headliners usually perform a 45-60+ minute set. These details will be confirmed by either Booking Manager/Promoter for the club in advance of the show.

You must use the house drum kit (Four Piece Yamaha Club Custom), it just makes life so much easier for everyone playing that night. Drummer's should bring all their own hardware and breakables; cymbals, snare kick drum pedal and drum throne.

Bassist's – unless you're using a combo amp, please leave your cabinet at home. We'll provide you with an excellent Yorkville Bass Combo Amp, which sounds/suits the room perfectly. If you insist on bringing your cabinet, please leave it in your vehicle.

After the show's been booked, start promoting it. Add it to your website and social media sites. If you create a Facebook event, send it to us.

As well, use the following free listings to promote:

Print: Local Outlets

W: NOW Toronto

W: The Grid TO

Online: Local Outlets









W: (Metal)


W: (Jazz/Blues)


W: (Blues)

W: TorontoPunk

Online: General Outlets

W: Last.FM

Send us posters and flyers. The ideal poster size is 11"x17".

Ship them to the following address:

The Silver Dollar Room
ATTN: Dan Burke & Steve Cousins(*)
486 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, Ontario

(*) Address promo packages to appropriate Booking Manager/Promoter as per who you've confirmed your show w/ at The Silver Dollar Room or The Comfort Zone.

How does The Silver Dollar Room promote its shows?

Our website is constantly being updated and maintained. We send out a weekly e/newsletter (2000+/recepients) with all confirmed shows, both upstairs and downstairs. We run banner ads on Facebook for higher profile shows. We have 2,500 full-color glossy 6×4 listing postcards printed and distributed every month inside the club and throughout the University of Toronto campus across the street. As well, we keep a current 11x17 show posters on display inside and outside the club. We like using Facebook and Twitter!

What are you looking for in the bands you book?

We're looking for bands that are well-rehearsed and act professional. Career-minded or just a hobby, we want the bands who will appeal to our crowd.

Here at The Silver Dollar Room, we take great pride in promoting new and upcoming bands; and expect the same in return. As we check out your music and websites, we want to see that you'll be promoting.

We're promoting the heck out of our show –can we send promotional posters to your club?

You can mail them to The Silver Dollar Room, ATTN: Steve Cousins or Dan Burke (whichever Booking Manager/Promoter the show has been confirmed with), 486 Spadina Avenue, M5S 2H1, CANADA. Please send at least 10. If you're local, feel free to drop them off personally, stop by during one of the show nights and leave a package with one of our bartenders with ATTN: Steve Cousins or Dan Burke (again, depending on which Booking Manager/Promoter the show has been confirmed with). Feel free to leave dropcards or handbills in the package too, we'll leave them out for patrons to check out.

We're a touring band - can we get a show?

Maybe, send us an email.

Does the venue take a percentage of merch sales?

Absolutely not.

Can we play on a Sunday?

We're usually closed on Sundays, but will make exceptions for special events. Email us and let's talk about it.

What genres do you book?

We generally book everything from solo acoustic performers to bluegrass, folk and roots to indie, punk, garage and psych to hard rock/alternative and metal.

My band has never played your club before. Can we have a weekend slot?

I would say not likely, unless you're already a well established band whose played around elsewhere and want to run your own show here for the night. In that instance we'd be happy to work out a night with you.

We have a van and trailer - is there parking?

Unfortunately we do not have our own lot to offer, however there are several lots nearby. There is street parking in front of the club, which is free after 9:00PM, but it's difficult to find spots after 7:00PM.

Do you provide a house PA/sound system and backline?

Yes and yes, we can provide the following backline:

Drum Kit:
Four Piece Yamaha Club Custom
- Kick Drum w/Kick Pedal
- Snare w/Stand
- Floor Tom
- Rack Tom
- Hi Hat Stand
- Crash Stand
- Ride Stand
- Drum Throne

It is recommended drummers bring their own hardware. Unfortunately the stands top wing/nuts go missing regularly, and it's best to play it safe and bring your own stands, cymbals, hardware and drum throne.

Yorkville Bass Combo Amp

Fender Twin Reverb Guitar Amp
Fender Rock Pro Solid State Guitar Amp-Works

Live Music & Events at
The Silver Dollar Room
& The Comfort Zone

Vlad Skokovich
SD/House Sound Technican

The Silver Dollar Room

Celebrating a birthday and want to come to The Silver Dollar Room for your special night out? Celebrating a special occasion and have a large group of people wanting to attend The Silver Dollar Room? If so, please let us know by emailing us the details.